Saturday, August 30, 2008

Proposition Bet

Hopefully I'll be wrong, but this one seems to have sucker bet written all over it. Governor Blagojevich has bet Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, that the Illini would beat the Tigers when the two teams take to the gridiron this evening.

But this wager has a bit of a twist to it:
But local delicacies are not on the line, as is typically the case when politicians wager on sporting events.

The losing state must declare an official day honoring the winning team. For example, if the Illini lose, Blagojevich would have to declare "University of Missouri Tigers Day." He'd also have to pose for a photo with the proclamation, to be delivered to the winners.
My biggest problem with this bet isn't what's at stake, although I am glad that our Governor didn't promise to rename the toll roads the Mizzou Trail if we lost.

I'm just wondering if the Governor realized that Missouri is a 9 point favorite going into tonight. Then again, the sheer amusement of seeing the photograph of the Governor holding up the proclamation just could make the whole thing worth it. Go Tigers?


At August 31, 2008 at 9:16 AM, Blogger adomite said...

And we still beat the spread. I'd love a copy of that proclamation after Rod prepares it, and a copy for my brother-in-law, Gordy, who attended that other university, the one that didn't win last night.

Al Adomite
MU BJ '97


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