Sunday, May 14, 2006

In the Air

In the random thought department, I just wanted to mention two ad campaigns out there right now which are both pretty good in their own ways. The first that comes to mind are the new Secretary of State ads for the organ donor program. Both the radio and television ads use Bob Marley's 'Wait in Vain' as the background music. The TV ads are very well done, very effective, and a far cry from the program ads of the past done by any elected officials.

I have to admit that the other ad is the radio spot by Tony Peraica. I don't know that it will get him anywhere, but he's got a surprisingly good jingle and a good message to boot. It stands out from all those cookie cutter 'couple talking' or neighbors talking' ads that tout or decry some candidate.

It's still a little unnerving to be listening to political ads in May though. I think that it leads to one of two things: People not paying attention to you now. Or people numbly tuning you out down the stretch. But that's for the consultants to debate.


At May 15, 2006 at 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Peraica?


"I want to make John Stroger Hospital so good that even John Stroger would use it."

What type of idiot says that? Besides the fact that John Stroger has health insurance (note: you know, a program offered by Cook County, like Peraica) and, therefore, has no business at Cook County Hospital, its a cheap shot at a guy who can't defend himself against this idiot.

It really bothers me that you said its got a "good message." And the message is...take a free swipe at a stroke victim?

You really must be a little desperate for content.

At May 19, 2006 at 11:53 AM, Anonymous North Shore said...

I agree with you that Commissioner Peraica's radio ad did work. Mr. Peraica is smart,effective and reminds me of Paul Simon,(eventhough Simon was a Democrat), Peraica is an Independent above reproach who is very credible and not corruptiable. Hopefully voters will chose him to replace Stroger for Board President and then we can again expect someone to be accountable with integrity to run Cook County hospital.
To the previous blogger, I was not offended by "I want to make John Stroger Hospital so good that even John Stroger would use it."
Mr. Stroger showed what everyone knows is true, that County hospital is not a quality hospital because of the bloated bureucrats who are hiding there working, and the lack of funding to pay Doctors and Nurses who are overburden, because all the money is going to Stroger's friends.
Why did he not go to Stroger Hospital? Everyone who is not blind and does not work for the county saw it for what it was, not even Stroger wanted to go to his namesake hospital!

At May 19, 2006 at 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The race has nothing to do with whether or not Stroger "can defend himself." It has to do with the fact that Stroger's number one priority has to get healthy. But the Cook County voters need a President focused on them. Besides -- whether or not Stroger resigns, Peraica will be running against the failed Stroger legacy. Can you honestly tell me that you think he has been a good leader? That he has been good for Cook County?


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