Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hook 'em Horns

And for whatever (little) it's worth, if you go here, you will see that, in response to a reader inquiry, at 12:45 yesterday afternoon, I boldly predicted not only a Texas victory in last night's Rose Bowl, but went so far as to predict "Texas by 4", only a point off the actual final score.

I still don't like non-Big 10 teams playing in the Rose Bowl. Or Michigan playing in the Alamo Bowl. Or Michigan losing in the Alamo Bowl. And winding up with 5 losses. Or losing to Indiana in their Big 10 basketball opener the other night. Ok, I'm over it.


At January 10, 2006 at 5:55 PM, Blogger Randall Sherman said...

Excuse me Representative Fritchey, but I seem to recall the officiating crew at the Rose Bowl screwing up royally a number of times during the games, particularly in allowing that Vince Young lateral for a touchdown after his knee was down.

As a Northwestern graduate, a national football championship is an alien concept (in fact, it might be the true sign of the end of the world; the only time in my lifetime that Northwestern's football team was ranked #1 was during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962; but then the team lost two in a row at the same time the threat was resolved). But I must note that the officiating crew was from the Big Ten, which means it was almost certainly lame-duch Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan and his cohorts making up most of the crew (since Sheahan has been volunteering to officiate at New Year's bowl games for years and he has reportedly placed a large number of his fellow football officals in cushy executive jobs in his office),

You might want to check this out, because if it is true, Tom Dart's opponents may yet be the benficiaries of hefty campaign contributions from USC boosters, who would much rather blame the refs for their team losing (and striking back at their surrogate, Dart) than blame the USC coach for his brain cramp near the end of the game (on the crucial 4th and 2 play, when he kept his Heisman trophy-winning running back on the sidelines).


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