Sunday, December 11, 2005

Good Hire

From the it's always good to see good things happen to good people department, I caught this in Bernie Schoenberg's column today:
PORTER McNEIL, a former Springfield resident now living in Moline, is working as consultant and spokesman for the re-election campaign of Comptroller DAN HYNES.

McNeil, 46, previously worked for Hynes, House Democrats and the University of Illinois at Springfield and now is involved in public relations and politics. He considered a run for Illinois House this year, but the incumbent, Rep. MIKE BOLAND, D-Moline, decided to seek another term.

During the 2004 presidential cycle, McNeil was communications director for the Kerry-Edwards campaign in Illinois.

He and his wife, former Statehouse reporter for WUIS MARY CARLIN McNEIL, have three children.


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