Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm Baaaack

In keeping with the spirit of this holiday weekend, what better time than Easter to resurrect my blog? Having been mercilessly taunted and ceaselessly cajoled by a number of readers, and having had sufficient time to get back into something resembling stride after a pretty hectic first quarter of the year, I'm thinking it's time to wade back into the blogging waters.

In addition to just a general malaise, one of the issues keeping me from getting back into the swing of things has been my increasing use of my Facebook page and Twitter (@johnfritchey) to keep people apprised of my random musings. And while I actually think that they both serve their respective purposes to varying degrees, there's no question that they don't give me a format for longer-form musings on various issues.

So then the issue becomes how to integrate my blogging, Facebooking and Twittering into some remotely efficient exercise. And the answer that I think I've settled on for now as far as the blog is concerned is that while the blog will be the place to go for just getting my more in-depth thoughts as well as the news feeds, my posts will also be linked onto Facebook and Twitter, while my more spontaneous thoughts will simply be tweeted.

Facebook will serve as a middle ground and will likely be the most interactive of my sites due to its nature and the fact that it has a more diverse following than does this blog, which given its genesis, tends to attract mostly political junkies. It will also be the one spot where you can find all of my content in one location, since both my posts and tweets will appear there, in addition to random unique content which doesn't really qualify for the blog and is too long for Twitter.

And so there you have it, my first blog post in ages, and it's about...absolutely nothing. Enjoy.

Happy Easter everybody.


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