Monday, June 11, 2007

It Just Never Ends

That phrase could apply equally to this session as well as the spin coming out of the Governor's office. From Abby Ottenhoff (not the Governor of course), but from Abby:
Our administration continues to want to meet with House members about the budget they passed. They can’t fix the problems with their budget or even send it over to the Senate if they are not in Springfield. Voters pay them to work, so they should be at the capitol finishing the work of the people. (emphasis added, although the irony was probably built into the font)
Abby, I think that voters last November assumed that they would also be paying the next Governor to work, in Springfield even, to do the work of the people. It just kind of goes with the job.

I've previously posted my thoughts about the Governor now claiming gridlock because of our not being in Springfield after months (years?) of his absence in Springfield.

And I will share that, without exception, the many people who approached me on the issue over these last few days are not buying his statements either.

To Abby's credit, at least she doesn't attempt to say that it was the Governor himself that wants to meet with us, but rather his Administration. I'm sure that meetings between the House members and his administration would be very productive.

Our future would be more secure coming from a fortune cookie.

In case the hypocrisy of today's statement wasn't self-evident, Speaker Madigan's spokesman Steve Brown had this artfully compact reply to that statement:
The Governor was invited to several legislative caucuses last week and defered. He is expected this week.
Which sounds more believable to you?

Let me again repeat - my point is NOT to pile on the Governor. My point is, however, that statements like these are as unbelievable as they are unproductive.


At June 12, 2007 at 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pile on the Gov - he is unproductive and unbelievable - and deserving of your ridicule and scorn. Don't apologize for pointing out his administrations hypocrisy.


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