Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Springfield Calling

What ever happened to just picking up the phone and having Clara ring up Aunt Bea for you?
Area code 447 could be coming to central Illinois as early as 2009. The Illinois Commerce Commission announced Monday it has approved a 447 “overlay” in area code 217 based on projections the existing supply of prefixes could be exhausted within a couple of years...

An overlay would require new customers to begin using the 447 area code once all numbers in 217 are assigned. Existing customers would continue to use 217, although all customers would have to begin using 10-digit dialing, the area code plus the seven-digit number, once the overlay is implemented.
While I guess it's a healthy sign that the region is growing, it still just makes you yearn for days gone by.


At September 2, 2006 at 9:05 AM, Anonymous Truthful James said...

John --

The state of Illinois and indeed the country could have saved money, finger calluses and time by going, whent he first areas code 'overlay' was suggested to eight digit local dialing. All existing lines would have been given an eighth number of zero. That multiplies the number of available lines.

That would have required, of course, that the Bells do some rejiggering. Much better to inconvenience the customer.


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