Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Passing the Torch

In the It's Gotta Be Easier Than the Last Job Department:
The Chicago Urban League has its first female president. Cheryle Jackson, a top aide to Governor Rod Blagojevich, was elected to lead the 90-year-old social and civil rights organization Wednesday.

There has been much discussion about a new face of civil rights leaders, a new generation of leaders. With Wednesday's announcement, a new leader emerges. Someone who has worked with the public and private sector, someone who was born during the civil rights era and someone who benefited from the struggles of original civil rights leaders.

It is a change in leadership for one of Chicago's oldest civil rights social service agencies. Wednesday, the Chicago Urban League made history by naming Cheryle Jackson the new president and CEO.

"I want this job because I feel like there's a calling in my life and I'm ready to answer that call," Jackson said.

Jackson is the deputy chief of staff of communications for Governor Rob (yes, they actually called him 'Rob' in the story) Blagojevich. Beyond that, she is credited with shaping strategy and policy in the governor's office to address the needs of the African-American community. She said that is why she wanted to take on this challenge.
Outgoing President James Compton is a friend and from numerous that we have had about the Urban League, it was clear that he was keenly interested in making sure that the reins were turned over to competent hands. While Cheryl has big shoes to fill, Mr. Compton obviously has confidence in her to fill them, and I wish her success in her important new endeavor.


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