Saturday, August 13, 2005

Issues on Tap

So some of the ideas put forth so far by readers that I want to address are as follows:

Property tax reform and relief

Medical marijuana

Chicago vs. Downstate (and vice-versa)

Unicameral legislatures (a la Nebraska)

I will also do something on the med-mal bill, which I anticipate the Governor will sign in the near future.

What other issues, legislative or political, do you think would make for good fodder here?


At August 13, 2005 at 12:34 PM, Blogger ndpotus said...

I think talking about Higher Education policy would be a great topic. here some ideas within Higher Ed policy to look at:
*Tution increases
*Funding shortfalls
*Student voter reg at school

At August 13, 2005 at 2:20 PM, Blogger Jack Darin said...

A safe and sane energy policy.

Now that Congress has approved an energy bill that primarily funnels tax dollars to oil companies, coal, and nuclear power, it's up to state government if we are to have anything other than the coal plants that give us Air Pollution Action Days all summer or nuclear plants that pile up dangerous waste and pose a security risk for the population.

At August 13, 2005 at 7:12 PM, Blogger Amy Allen said...

Sir, Idk, but how about eminent domain and the Rauschenburger legislation?

At August 13, 2005 at 7:12 PM, Blogger Amy Allen said...

Also, Rep. Fritchey, sir, I enjoyed your letter to the editor on ICE.

At August 13, 2005 at 9:53 PM, Blogger jisbell said...

Representative Fritchey,

I am a Youth highly involved in Politics (currently working on some campaigns). I will be majoring in Political Science at the University of Illinois starting in about 4 days.

What is your advice to us young people regarding politics, political involvement, and possibly even candidacy?

At August 13, 2005 at 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Public Transit

At August 14, 2005 at 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Transit, if you can avoid the homebase shrill Brown Line rhetoric. It's an environmental and economic issue for the entire region.

At August 14, 2005 at 7:55 AM, Blogger Mary Fioretti said...

I don't think you want fodder, I believe you want solutions to very complex issues.

I am a school board member and believe we need property tax relief with the state stepping in to help all districts.

The three tiered system of grants, Alternative, Flat and Foundation are unfair to every student in every district. When all districts can start at the base then you will remove the regional discussions and allow property tax to make up the rest.

No one has addressed the foundation forumula. Lots of talk, no actions. Florida's forumula is fabulous. I can send you the information but don't have your email.

Also, I now have both my children in College. Holly smokes. There's no reason I should be complaining about local ed. The best property tax dollar is Community Colleges.

Met with an OB at a party last night here in the burbs and he and his practice will be moving out of Illinois. They have to petition the state to expidite payments. WHAT IS THAT!!!! The state isn't paying these doctors. With no payments from the state, med mal ins at $260,000/yr, releasing a nurse, they can't make it devoiding WOMEN good health care and eventually good family health care.

A real leader will take on the insurance industry.

So when you look at or discuss downstate vs Chicago, Medical issues are seamless these days.

At August 14, 2005 at 10:46 AM, Blogger respectful said...

At some point discuss Con-Con, which will be a binding referendum on the Nov. '08 ballot.

At August 14, 2005 at 11:21 AM, Blogger drone1047 said...

Unicameral legislatures? What a joke. It would just further consolodate power in Illinois, as the Cutback Amendment did. Don't waste your time with the topic, Representative. The other topics sound good, though.

At August 14, 2005 at 11:26 AM, Anonymous big debbie said...

I am a Youth highly involved in Politics (currently working on some campaigns). I will be majoring in Political Science at the University of Illinois starting in about 4 days.

You better get involved with the UIUC college dems, who have the best, brightest and most beautiful young people out of any political organization in the state.

At August 14, 2005 at 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about a discussion of Matlak and Gabinski?

I'm a constituent who is not impressed, to put it mildly.

Care to share your views publicly?

At August 14, 2005 at 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taxes, and what they really represent: fees for the basic stuff that most of us rely upon (e.g. roads, fire dept, police protection, public schools) but that the private sector cannot adequately and/or fairly maintain for public use.

No one, including me, really likes to pay taxes ... but everyone gets something out of 'em. That's why we need a stronger, more common-sense mix of taxes in Illinois, including a a higher income tax. A slowly recovering economy, alone, will not revive the on-the-ropes system of public services that are critical to life as we know it (or life as we would like to live it -- not with frills, but with "basics" that you can actually depend upon).

Congrats, John, on your new blog. And many thanks for your leadership in Springfield as well as Chicago.

At August 14, 2005 at 9:03 PM, Blogger Rep. John Fritchey said...

Drone, you pretty much hit where I was going to go with the unicameral discussion. For a whole host of reasons, we need more checks and balances here, not less. Subject covered.

At August 14, 2005 at 9:07 PM, Blogger Rep. John Fritchey said...

Debbie, As a matter of fact, I will be speaking the welcoming reception for the college dems in Champaign on September 6. Good luck in school.

At August 15, 2005 at 2:42 PM, Blogger Bill said...

All bs aside, your speech on the floor regarding the med-mal bill was one of the best Ive ever heard. "...It's not fair, it's not right, it's not legal...". Good stuff! This blog is a good idea. Just make sure that you count to ten and take some deep breaths before you post. I'm hoping that you stay in the legislature. we need you there.

At August 15, 2005 at 4:36 PM, Anonymous ICJL said...

Re: the Med-Mal bill. Whether you like it or not (you don't), the governor should stop playing games and sign it. It was, afterall, passed by the majorities of both houses and he has promised to sign it. So do it.

You and your colleagues who did not like it can work on additional reforms in coming sessions to fix what you didn't like about this one and to help bring about permanent reform.

But the people of Illinois, the medical providers in Illinois, and the majorities in both houses of the G.A. want this one, at least for now, because it is some relief and progress.

At August 15, 2005 at 8:44 PM, Blogger Rep. John Fritchey said...

I agree with you. While I don't subscribe to the premise of the med mal bill (see my latest thread), the process worked as it is supposed to, and I respect that.

At August 20, 2005 at 6:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ed funding, union's and biz participation in the politicaal process


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